Unique Games Experiences and Entertainment
The name Tesondo is a combination of two words "Tes Ondoo (Тэс Ондоо)" and means "totally unique" in Mongolian.
Tesondo produces short unique indie type game experiences. Download media kit v1.0 pdf here (logos, screenshots)
Relax It's Aqua

Relax It's Aqua is an underwater hidden objects finding atmospheric experience.

You play as the diver and will be given a list of objects to find spread throughout the scene. You will be able to control the scuba diver in a 3D world and reach each object by getting close to it and cross it off of the list.

Enjoy the aquatic life with full of swimming fish, colorful reef, plants, rocks set in ocean, lake and river environments.

Featuring original smooth chill soundtrack and simple minimalistic and easy to follow user interface.

An Exclusive Limited Availability Soundtrack is now available on Soundcloud.